RE 6 Leon S. Kennedy Leather Jacket from Apparelglaxy review

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RE 6 Leon S. Kennedy Leather Jacket from Apparelglaxy review

Postby ck6459 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:40 pm

Hey folks,

This will be my first thread in this forum, so pardon me if I accidentally break any rule (totally unintentional :crazy2: ).
I have been browsing for reviews on this jacket for a while, but there are no review done just yet. Except for the official replica (USD1500) which is far too expensive for me.

So after eyeing on this jacket for a while, I decided to make a little bet and order it from this Ebay seller (apparelglaxy).
Price: AUD130: Genuine leather version + Custom size and shipping included
I just received the jacket and it was sent on Monday so the shipping is fairly quick.

First impression: at least I didn't get a cheap Halloween Costume nor does it have the dead animal smell :whew:

Here are the photos:
Sorry for the poor lighting and photo quality.
Front: the details are fairly accurate and the colour of the stripes are just as I like it :wink:

Back: fairly good details as well

Sleeve cuff: functional double snap tabs and zipper with leather inlets, exactly the same as original

Side adjustment: functional, the metal hardware feels pretty cheap, but hey it is a $130 jacket

Front pockets and zipped pockets: all functional including the 2 zip pockets in contrary to popular beliefs

Just to show how deep the zip pocket is: about 18cm enough to keep a gun :P

Inside: lining is 100% polyester, it is very rough. I think this is the worse aspect of this jacket

1 vertical inner gun/phone pocket on the left

Close-up for the leather: I'm pretty sure it is genuine as I have plucked out a few hair from the surface, thankfully they did a better tanning than hair removal :hairpull:


Stitching on the shoulder: not the best I have seen

Now to layer up like Leon did in RE6, just to show the fit
FYI I'm not going to be a model anytime soon
Start with jeans and black slim-fit T-shirt

+ grey long sleeve shirt (thickest shirt i have)

Now with the jacket on


The quality of leather is a lot better than I expected for the price tag. For Australian and Kiwi, it feels like leather jacket from Industrie (clothing brand)
Leather is a bit tough and inflexible, hopefully it will loosen up soon.
The weight is quite substantial.
Those who want a cosplay or just a casual jacket, I think this is a good investment
Certainly not a jacket I'll wear to survive a zombie apocalypse, I will probably save you from a bite or scratch :lmfao:

It is real leather (doesn't specify what leather though, it is quite solid and tough btw)
Has been conditioned
Cheap price, good for those on a budget and don't see yourself using this jacket after 10yrs
Can be custom sized with just an additional $15, I'll strongly recommend have a bit more space for shoulder and chest region unless enjoy being shrimp-wrapped
Fast shipping within a week
The details are very accurate and everything is functional like a real jacket.
The polyester lining makes it very warm, I guess you won't need to double layered it like I did unless it is sub degrees out there.
Doesn't have a foul smell, just light leather scent

Brandless :thinking:
Not very comfortable due to the rough polyester lining, if you can change it to satin lining and it will be superb.
The designs (stripes, pockets and collar)are not made to scale: if you order XS or XL the pockets and collar will probably be as big/small as those in M size :wtf:
The straight sleeves are certainly no engineered for free movement and the arm holes are pretty small so it may restrict your movement. At least for me.
It fits really tight for my upper arms, perhaps because of the measurement I made. Hopefully I won't accidentally rip it apart.

I'll try to parkour and rolling on concrete floor in it next week and see how things go.
P.S. Any hints on how to soften the leather?

Thanks for reading :thumbsup:

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Re: RE 6 Leon S. Kennedy Leather Jacket from Apparelglaxy re

Postby THEMAN » Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:50 pm

Welcome, and great starting post...

Looks like a pretty good fit. Since you say the leather is tough, that may explain you few fit issues. Definitely soak the jacket with water, either a nice shower rinse or even just running warm water over it from the faucet. Then put it on and do a few rounds of pushups or just general movements during activities.
Should loosend the leather up and break it into your shape in no time, and those snug areas should feel just right after that.

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