How To Use The "Hall Of Shame"

This forum is to be used to discuss shady practices, deceptive claims, poor quality merchandise, misleading practices, etc. This section is not to be used as a complaint outlet towards established vendors, but as a constructive and useful tool about the business practices of new/lesser known vendors.

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How To Use The "Hall Of Shame"

Postby Rick » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:52 am

The purpose of the "Hall of Shame" is not to give people a place to voice their complaints about vendors or to post comments when they are angry at vendors, or unhappy with products from vendors, etc.

The purpose is to point out misleading advertising, unethical conduct and just plain poor business practices. This is not always intentional however as many folks are starting a business for the first time and are building a site the best way they know how. They just don't know that they are doing something that may not look professional.

Usually, FILMJACKETS.COM is willing to work with these businesses and gently guide them toward a better, more customer-friendly relationship. We are not trying to be vigilantes, but we do want to ensure that the vendors who try to advertise their products here can be trusted.

It the malicious practices continue, then they enter the Hall of Shame...

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